About Us

On February 25th, 2016, the Montana Supreme Court’s decision regarding SB423 shook not only patients and providers, but the families of the patients that have benefitted from the use of medical cannabis. The families of the caregivers who have invested into the industry as a means to provide and keep food on the table. And the doctors, who by swearing an oath to keep their patient’s best interests first, might now be put under review by the Medical Examiners Board for recommending medical marijuana to “too many” patients per year.

These fears and concerns were immediately heard and Montana Families United was born. A litigation strategy and consulting firm was brought on to advise on the formation and organization of the entity and statewide chapters moving forward. A marketing, PR, and social media guru came in – all upon the approval of our executive committee. And a Go Fund Me page was created to begin the process of fundraising. Let’s highlight that this was all executed in less than 24 hours after the February 25th decision.

The people behind Montana Families United acted fast because of their commitment to the patients, providers, doctors, and the families of all involved (in one way or another) in the medical marijuana program in Montana.

Montana Families United is committed to helping to keep MMJ safe and accessible for all patients. We fully support the 115 and 178 initiatives, as well as an improved medical marijuana initiative prepared by the MTCIA.

The best chance at success, in keeping the providers that have committed their lives to serving and helping patients, and the doctors and industry members that have done the same, is to come together in support of all sympathetic parties.


To coordinate and organize to further prove the strength and size of support for a workable medical marijuana program in Montana.

We are acting on behalf of all those affected by the Supreme Court’s decision, not just one group. It is in the best interest of us all to show our strength and size by coming together.

Financial Transparency

$1280.00 opening deposit, Donations

$2,689.00 Second deposit, Donations

$1522.00 Third deposit, Donations

$9,370.41 ACH Transfer from GOFUNDME (WEPAY) minus 7% fee

$-2000.00Check for Rent of space at 522 w. Beall to THE 1% CORP

$-1124.00 Check to Lobbyist Dan fuchs, Expenses, all Receipts received and approved

$-2500.00 Check to Entropy Brands, partial payment on bill for marketing/advertising/website

$45.75 ACH transfer from GOFUNDME (WEPAY) minus 7% fee

$9,832.00 4th Deposit, Donations

$-7,500.00 Payment to Dan Fuchs, Monthly bill for Lobbyist

-end financials from 3.3.16 to 4.8.16-