Welcome to Montana Families United

Montana Families United was founded in 2016 with a rebellious spirit, living as advocates for the medical cannabis movement. To do this, we have established a culture of honesty and integrity in the industry, with a focus on safe access to medicine. We strive to foster meaningful relationships with patients and providers, aiding in the advancement of lofty endeavors and promoting a united vision on legal policies.

fact: montana i-148 (2002) result vote percentage to allow medical cannabis

YES 61.81%

So what is happening to Montana’s Medical Cannabis?

On February 25, 2016 the Montana Supreme Court decided to uphold all but one provision of the 2011 Montana Marijuana Act – rejecting most of the arguments brought by the Montana Cannabis Industry Association. By March 10, 2016, this decision will require that the Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) notify the Board of Medical Examiners of any physician who certifies 25 or more medical marijuana patients in a year, limit medical marijuana providers to a maximum of 3 patients, ban any and all advertising for medical marijuana providers, prohibit any person on probation from becoming a registered cardholder for medical marijuana use, and will allow for the inspections of all medical marijuana providers’ businesses without a warrant.


·      The patients, the families and friends of patients, undergoing cancer treatments, those suffering from seizure conditions, intense and constant pain, nausea, insomnia, PTSD and the ongoing list of conditions that medical marijuana treats

·      The providers and industry members, private contractors who now are at a loss of how to provide for themselves and their families

The only provision not struck down by the Supreme Court will allow providers to receive compensation for medical marijuana products and services. But, if providers are limited to only three patients, the harm is not only created in the lack of access to a legal and natural alternative to pharmaceutical products, but the impending financial burden that will be placed on patients, providers, families, friends and caregivers.


We have gathered an amazing team of like-minded, intellectual and passionate people from all over Montana to Washington, D.C., California and Seattle. We have a plan to stop the enforcement of this decision, but we need your help to fund our action. We have estimated the legal, staffing and marketing costs to get this action fully supported to be $500,000. Any help is very much appreciated and needed. Please give what you can and share our message. The patients, providers and all industry affiliates need our help!!